Jeff Bezos
CEO,  Amazon

As history has shown, it would be unwise to bet against Bezos, a man who seemingly cares little about low margins and only about making long-term gains. He launched Amazon as an online bookstore from his Seattle garage in 1994 and transformed it into the largest online retailer in the world. He did it again with Amazon's cloud computing services, which have become the backbone of many companies like Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest. But his crowning achievement just may be the Kindle, a business that single-handedly pulled the book business into the digital age. The company's latest device, the low-priced Kindle Fire, is estimated to have sold millions, undercutting Apple's own wildly popular iPad by at least $300, and perhaps best exemplifies his strategy so far.

By JP Mangalindan - Last updated May 14 2012: 6:12 PM ET