100 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies 

Our rankings show another banner year for the leaders of the tech revival.

And the winners are...
Despite talk of froth and bubbles, the tech sector continues to surge. The 100 companies on our annual list are all posting impressive results. (more)
2. iMergent
8. Ceradyne
Top job growth
Want to work at a B2 100 company? Camera-chip maker Omnivision Technologies boosted its staff by 89% last year. Find out who else has been on a hiring spree. (more)
ï Apple
ï aQuantive
ï Red Hat
ï Netflix
Best stock returns
iMergent's stock returned an impressive 334% in 2006. See who else saw their shares spike. (more)
ï Akamai
ï Nvidia
ï Priceline
ï Garmin
Fastest-growing tech companies in your state
California is once again home to the most companies on this list, with 37 of the fastest growing techs headquartered there. See how your state ranks. (more)
ï Maryland
Zapping wrinkles away
Palomar Medical Technologies' lasers are the Swiss Army knives of cosmetic procedures ñ capable of doing everything from boosting collagen to removing hair. (more) video
Building robot doctors
Intuitive Surgical's DaVinci robot helps surgeons perform complex, delicate surgeries with more precision than is possible with human hands. (more) video
Spotting the toughest security threats
New airport scanners from American Science & Engineering can detect weapons that are designed specifically to evade conventional x-ray technology. (more) video
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How we rank them
To find the B2 100, we screened more than 2,000 tech companies that have been publicly traded on a U.S. stock exchange for at least three years, have a market capitalization of at least $50 million, and have had positive operating cash flow over the past 12 months. Zacks Investment Research of Chicago ranked the resulting list using four financial criteria: growth in revenue, profit, and operating cash flow during the past three years, and the 12-month stock return as of Dec. 31, 2006. Cash flow growth counts for 40 percent of a company's ranking. Each of the other criteria counts for 20 percent. Additional research was provided by Factset. If you have further questions about Business 2.0's 100 Fastest growing technology companies, please e-mail