100 Best Companies to Work For
Mayo Clinic
Rank: 89 (2005 rank: 81)
Headquarters: Rochester, MN
Industry: Health Care
Large Companies Rank: 31
2004 Revenue ($ millions): 5,354
U.S. Sites: 3
Website: http://www.Mayoclinic.org
What makes it so great?
Eighty-nine percent of employees say they are proud to tell others they work at this hospital, known for both its cutting-edge research and unique collaborative style, in which doctors and other providers work on teams for each patient.
U.S. employees 38,085
Employees outside U.S. 3
% minorities 11
% women 71
New jobs (1 year) 1,160
% job growth (1 year) 4
Professional training (hrs./yr.) 45
% voluntary turnover 5
Applicants 161,765
Most common job (salaried) Staff Physician/Ph.D. N.A.
Most common job (hourly) Registered Nurse N.A.
N.A.: Not available. U.S. employees includes part-timers as of time of survey. Job growth, new jobs, and voluntary turnover are full-time only. Average annual pay: yearly pay rate plus additional cash compensation for the largest classification of salaried and hourly employees. Revenues are for 2004 or latest fiscal year. All data based on U.S. employees.