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98. Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt University
Rank: 98 (Previous rank: N.A.)
What makes it so great?
First educational institution to appear on our list. Employees and their dependents get a 70% tuition subsidy at any college in the country. Hospital offers a WOW (Work on Weekends) shift for nurses and other workers who want to be at home during weekdays.
Headquarters: 211 Kirkland Hall
Nashville, TN 37240
2007 revenue ($ millions): 2,733
U.S. employees 21,041
Employees outside U.S. 0
New jobs (1 year) 1,042
% job growth (1 year) 5%
% voluntary turnover 12%
Applicants 40,083
No. of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009) 225
Pay Avg. annual pay*
Most common job (salaried):
Registered Nurses
Most common job (hourly):
Paid sabbaticals Yes
Onsite child care Yes
100% health-care coverage No
Onsite fitness center Yes
Subsidized gym membership Yes
Job sharing program No
Compressed workweek Yes
Telecommuting Yes
% minorities 26%
% women 67%
Has nondiscrimination policy
that includes sexual orientation?
Offers domestic partner benefits
for same-sex couples?
Professional training  
Salaried employees (hrs./yr.): 24
Hourly employees (hrs./yr.): 8
From the February 2, 2009 issue
N.A.: Not available. U.S. employees includes part-timers as of time of survey. Job growth, new jobs, and voluntary turnover are full-time only. Revenues are for 2007 or latest fiscal year. All data based on U.S. employees.
* Average annual pay: yearly pay rate plus additional cash compensation for the largest classification of full-time salaried and hourly employees.
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