100 Best Companies to Work For
Eli Lilly
Rank: 52 (2005 rank: 73)
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Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Large Companies Rank: 13
2004 Revenue ($ millions): 13,858
U.S. Sites: 8
Website: http://www.lilly.com
What makes it so great?
The venerable drugmaker helps its employees stay healthy with free Pap smears, mammograms, and colonoscopies. An onsite clinic with physicians, psychologists, and nurses handles 50,000 visits a year.
U.S. employees 21,898
Employees outside U.S. 21,463
% minorities 16
% women 45
New jobs (1 year) -1711
% job growth (1 year) -7
Professional training (hrs./yr.) 90
% voluntary turnover 7
Applicants 44,282
Most common job (salaried) Sales Representative $88,314
Most common job (hourly) Technician $64,001
N.A.: Not available. U.S. employees includes part-timers as of time of survey. Job growth, new jobs, and voluntary turnover are full-time only. Average annual pay: yearly pay rate plus additional cash compensation for the largest classification of salaried and hourly employees. Revenues are for 2004 or latest fiscal year. All data based on U.S. employees.