Business of Luxury
In the past decade, luxury has gone from occasional indulgence to daily ritual. From a $4 coffee to Chanel sunglasses, luxury is big business. Fortune looks at the players behind the boom.

Ralph Lauren's ever-expanding brand
America's billion-dollar designer is going global and upscale, all while creating a new in-house brand for J.C. Penney. Can he really sell all things to all people? (more)

Luxury goes mass market
The $220 billion industry is racing to the top and the bottom at the same time. But can the world's most exclusive brands stretch that much and still keep their cachet? (more)

Managing Marc Jacobs
Robert Duffy is the man behind fashion's $5 billion man. He's a merchandiser, a corporate infighter - and the person standing between a famous designer and his demons. (more)

The hipster in the gray flannel suit
Looking to freshen its 19th-century brand, Brooks Brothers reaches out to 21st-century designer Thom Browne. (more)

Does bling beat the market?
With global millionaires doubling since 1996, a crop of investing vehicles focuses on conspicuous-consumption. Can you cash in on the global wealth boom? (more)

12 Sultans of style
From iconic designers to luxury group titans, power has never looked so good. Fortune traveled the world to photograph the men and women who personify the business of style. (more)

5 Luxe limited editions
These days carrying a Gucci bag doesn't mean you're special -- or ever particularly unique. Once the sole province of the elite, luxury has gone mass market. So retailers are getting creative, ginning up one-of-a-kind items that recapture exclusivity. (more)

Luxury for the rest of us
Here's a look at the less expensive polishes, perfumes and pendants that make regular folks feel like a million bucks. (more)