(FORTUNE Magazine) – SPECIAL REPORT Time to Quit 18 South Africa? A U.S. pullout would wound, not kill, the economy, leaving bargains for local companies. by John Nielsen An interview with 21 Harry Oppenheimer Don't Lose 23 Sleep Over Strategic Metals Goodyear Toughs 24 It Out The company opposes apartheid, but plans to stay. by Felix Kessler THE ECONOMY Why Inflation Will 30 Keep Lying Low Pay Won't 31 Be Soaring CORPORATE PERFORMANCE United Is Changing 34 Its Flight Pattern UAL has become a travel powerhouse, but if one of its businesses slides, they all will. by Kenneth Labich Scott Isn't Lumbering 48 Anymore The once stodgy Philadelphia paper company is on a tear. by Bill Saporito Upward Mobility 58 in Mobile The controversial Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway has perked up the sleepy Southern port. (A picture portfolio) Companies to Watch 64 MANAGING Why College Bills 66 Don't Level Off U.S. colleges say they're catching up on faculty salaries and maintenance. But there's more to it. by Irwin Ross SELLING ProServ Wins 75 a Big One in Sports Marketing Pic 'N' Save: Profits 75 in Castoffs TECHNOLOGY Back-to-Basics 98 Computers With Sports-Car Speed ''Risc'' technology promises faster, cheaper machines. Hewlett-Packard is plunging on it. by Stuart Gannes MONEY & MARKETS Why PaineWebber 105 Is on a Hiring Binge Hybrid Oil 105Partnerships POLITICS & POLICY Congress Reshapes 112 Reagan's Tax Plan Tax writers are looking in corporate pockets. by Anna Cifelli Isgro China Threatens 119 to Shut the Trade Door Zeroing in on Volcker 119 Star Wars 120 R&D Fallout PROFILE Technology's Most 132 Colorful Investor Venture capitalist Benjamin M. Rosen hopes to score again with a risky software startup. by Stratford P. Sherman People to Watch 136 The Editor's Desk 4 News/Trends 8 The new farm credit crunch, Boone Pickens's new idea, soft drinks juice it up, and more. Follow-Up 11 The Hunt brothers reveal their worth, the Divad dies, and more. Letters to Fortune 15 Keeping Up 137 by Daniel Seligman Personal Investing 141 Retail stocks. A low-tech electrical products company. Growth stocks. Portfolio Talk: Money manager Harvey Eisen. by Peter Nulty Other Voices 149 How to stop exporting jobs. by Jackie Presser On Your Own Time 153 How much exercise is too much? by Marilyn Wellemeyer Index 156 Books & Ideas 159 A strategy for libertarians. by David R. Henderson Javier Romero's cover illustration dramatizes the insistent dilemma confronting foreign companies doing business in South Africa. See page 18.