Cast up by the sea
By STAFF Kate Ballen, John J. Curran, Alan Farnham, Stephen J. Madden, Patricia Sellers

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Come Memorial Day, which will be come sooner than you think, some of you will be heading off to the beach. Since you surely won't want to appear in last year's duds, here are the products guaranteed to be the most talked about on the sands this summer: -- Fish-skin bikini. Disgusting but true: Paul Willms Studio, a Seattle design firm, has crafted a line of beachwear from the skins of butterfly fish and grouper. Though Willms calls the tanned, chamoislike material ''ocean leather,'' it's fish skin all right, and smells faintly of the original. A fish bustier can set you back $250, a bikini $950. -- Cashmere bikini. More conventional, perhaps, but less practical than its fishy cousin, Dawson International's $175 two-piecer is intended for sunning, not bathing. -- Rubber jewelry. Vulcanized necklaces, bracelets, and anklets called Webware (''it wiggles when you walk'') are all the rage in California now, and have been heading eastward. The baubles range from $9 to $110. -- Portable VCR. You can ignore the volleyball games and Frisbee contests now that Sony has a midget, battery-powered VCR, due out late this summer. The price: around $1,500. Slightly larger than a paperback book -- and just as portable -- the unit combines a color LCD screen with an 8-mm VCR.