By Frederick H. Katayama

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Sony's Handycam CCD-TR5, due in August, is the world's smallest 8-mm camcorder. It weighs two pounds and fits in a coat pocket. It includes a digital superimposer so videographers can dub graphics and write their own credits on the tape. Price: $1,500. -- Atari, the videogame pioneer that was zapped by Nintendo, is coming back with a challenger -- the Portable Color Entertainment System ($150). On sale this fall, it includes an adjustable screen that gives lefties the same access to the buttons as righties. Nintendo's new black-and-white portable: Game Boy ($128). -- Several telephone makers are bringing out transparent models, where you can see all the components. The neon lights on Fun Products' Metrolight ($70) flash when it rings. -- Panasonic's smallest portable facsimile machine ($1,095) doesn't fit in your coat pocket, but it can easily slip into a briefcase. The KX-F80 contains a speakerphone and an answering machine.