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(FORTUNE Magazine) – WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A legal group that filed 27 complaints against area drycleaners, alleging that they unlawfully charged women more than men to clean shirts, said . . . a settlement had been reached in two of the cases. Vogue Drycleaners and Royal Drycleaners, both in Northwest Washington, agreed in a signed settlement to charge one uniform price for laundering shirts. The cleaners will now charge $1.15 to have a shirt cleaned, regardless of gender. Only men paid that price prior to the agreement, while women were charged $2.30 . . . There are still 25 complaints left to settle, and the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights has set a . . . deadline for reaching an across-the- board settlement with the Metropolitan Drycleaners Association ((and others)) . . . Drycleaner associations have insisted on the right to charge women more, arguing that women's shirts were too small to fit on the automatic pressing equipment designed for men's garments and often required hand laundering. -- From a UPI dispatch.