By Rahul Jacob

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Meet Eruga gutfreundi, a species of female wasp recently discovered in the mountains of Costa Rica and named for John H. Gutfreund, CEO of Salomon Brothers. Why the honor? The investment bank helped Costa Rica and Sweden do a debt-for-nature swap. Sweden forgave $24.5 million in debt. In return, Costa Rica set aside a 210,000-acre area for the Guancaste National Park, where the discovery took place. Says Ian Gauld, the British Museum of National History taxonomist who found the wasp: ''It's traditional among scientists to name species after a patron as a gesture of thanks.'' Gauld has less gallant things to say about the female gutfreundi: ''She has a revolting life cycle.'' To wit, when it's time to reproduce, she looks for a money spider, a variety that many people around the world believe will enrich them on contact so long as they don't hurt it. The gutfreundi stings and paralyzes the insect, and then lays her egg on its back. The hatched larva feeds off its host's blood for about six months before devouring the money spider. Another 11 wasp species found in the park have been named for different Salomon executives. A 12th, the Polysphincta gutfreundi, has been named for Gutfreund's son Peter, 4. - R.J.