By Susan Moffat

(FORTUNE Magazine) – ''You bald old lecher, I'm going to kick you you-know-where!'' cries the young female clerk. Her women companions giggle. It's just a jest, a line read from a role-playing card game called Men- Forbidden Workplace -- one of a number of boss-bashing card games that are the latest craze among Japan's office ladies, as female clerks are known. Other titles: We Don't Need That Kind of Jerk and Can You Play 24 Hours a Day? The standard-bearer of the new protest is Non-chan, the heroine of a comic strip in Spa!, a magazine with a largely male audience. Now real-life Non- chans have started to emerge. These oyaji-gyaru (loosely translated as ''good-ol'-boy gals'') are hard-drinking, straight-talking young women who < serve tea and operate computers -- but only until 5 P.M. Thereupon they change from their office uniforms into tight dresses and head for chic Italian restaurants, trendy discos -- or the airport, off to shop in Hong Kong or Hawaii. Most live rent free with their parents, so they can stretch their average annual salaries of $15,000. Some are invading such formerly all-male bastions as the race track, mah- jongg parlors, golf driving ranges, and pubs. Looking for men? Not really. They like hanging out together. Men are resisting. Sunday Mainichi runs a column in which males take these office ladies, or OLs, to task. The magazine itself recently opined: ''The behavior of OLs is disgraceful. But we can't help but feel a little jealous.''