Big Applesauce, the Supreme Court gets an editor, sinful moments in tax policy, and other matters. WHY EDUCATION COSTS KEEP RISING

(FORTUNE Magazine) – YORKSHIRE, N.Y. -- The parents of a girl who broke her arm in a gym class are seeking $250,000 from the Pioneer Central School District, the school board was told . . . It was the second recent claim . . . Previously, the parents of a boy hit by a puck in a school hockey game had filed a claim for $115,000. The two new claims came on the heels of an $11,751 settlement . . . made on behalf of Krista Lee Schwab, who lost a tooth . . . while using the . . . elementary school slide . . . In other business, the board voted for the first time since 1981 to raise school lunch prices. Children in kindergarten through fourth grade . . . will pay 90 cents for a Class A lunch, up 10 cents . . . -- From a news report in the Buffalo News.