Shortsightedness pays off, how to not learn much at Princeton, high-risk horses, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Cont'd)
By Daniel Seligman REPORTER ASSOCIATE Patty de Llosa ^

(FORTUNE Magazine) – MINNEAPOLIS -- A doctor who performed a blood-alcohol analysis of three Northwest Airlines pilots accused of flying while intoxicated testified . . . that the results, showing elevated levels, were accurate. Dr. Harry McCoy . . . described the testing procedures he used to determine the blood-alcohol levels of pilot Norman Prouse, co-pilot Robert Kirchner, and flight engineer Joseph Balzer . . . after they flew from Fargo, North Dakota . . . to Minneapolis . . . They have been fired by Northwest and their licenses were revoked by the Federal Aviation Administration when tests taken after the jetliner landed showed elevated blood-alcohol levels . . . Prouse's lawyer maintained in opening statements . . . that his client is a longtime alcoholic and thus has built up a tolerance that allows him to consume relatively large quantities of alcohol without impairment. -- From a UPI dispatch.