(FORTUNE Magazine) – You talk about a labor lobby. Well, it is a child compared to this utility lobby . . . ((It is)) the most powerful, dangerous lobby . . . that has ever been created by any organization in this country.'' FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, 1935 battle over utilities regulation

The steel companies are now saying they ought to have a price increase of $12 a ton, giving them a profit of $26 or $27 a ton. That's about the most outrageous thing I ever heard of. They not only want to raise their prices to cover any wage increases, they want to double their money on the deal.'' HARRY S TRUMAN, 1952 decision to have government operate steel plants

My father always told me that all businessmen are sons of bitches, but I never believed it until now.'' JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1962 confrontation with U.S. Steel over price increases

I don't care how many martinis anyone has with lunch, but I am concerned about who picks up the check. I don't think a relatively small minority has some sort of a divine right to have expensive meals, free theater tickets, country club dues, sporting events tickets, paid for by heavier taxes on everyone else. JIMMY CARTER, 1978 fight over eliminating business tax deductions