Ivanisevic takes his time, a bonus for the unorganized, a market with soused traders, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Cont'd)

(FORTUNE Magazine) – BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- Ever since the University of California at Berkeley expelled the ''Naked Guy'' last winter, life hasn't been the same in this | . . . college town. It's been even more revealing . . . The expulsion of Andrew Martinez, known as the Naked Guy for showing up for class unclothed, seems to have inspired a larger movement . . . This summer the nudists have been strolling around town wearing nothing except colored socks, bright tennis shoes, and an occasional backpack . . . The nakedness prompted disputes at City Hall. And each time the council met to discuss action, nudists showed up . . . In the end, the council adopted a ban against public nudity on a 6-3 vote . . . but debate on its wisdom continues . . . John Range, a writer who has signed a petition against the new ordinance, called the action ''mild martial law.'' ''We have to have the freedom to follow our conscience,'' Range said. ''I could say a man in a business suit is harmful. He represents the values of greed and corporate empire to my children.'' -- From a news report in the Houston Chronicle.