By Faye Rice

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Warning: The clouds of perfume hanging over department store aisles are about to get even headier. Fragrance makers are pushing some 800 lines, including a record 80 new ones introduced this year, 55 for women and 25 for men. Says Gale Hayman, who created the Eighties' classic, Giorgio, and has just launched Delicious: ''We all want a lineup of blockbuster classics that never fade, like Joy and Chanel No. 5.'' Sharing those hopes are various fashion designers whose apparel sales are in the doldrums. Liz Claiborne has launched a fourth scent (Vivid) and Italian designer Giorgio Armani a third (Gio). A newcomer to the olfactory trade is Nicole Miller, whose witty, printed ties spruce up many an exec's bland suit. Elizabeth Taylor's two-year-old White Diamonds is still No. 1 in many stores, but bullish Liz is back with three new scents, evoking rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. With so many thrifty consumers, some manufacturers offer low-priced holiday kits. A set of Taylor miniatures has one-eighth of an ounce of each of her four jewel perfumes, for just $25.