Ping-Pong for heavy thinkers, an electronic vacation, moving everyone to Texas, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Cont'd)

(FORTUNE Magazine) – WASHINGTON -- The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History ((offers)) a lesson in political correctness . . . There, in bold letters on a museum sign next to an exhibit of African hartebeests, ((are)) these words: "Female animals. . . are being portrayed in ways that make them appear. . . substandard to male animals". . . Other mammal exhibits are flawed, the sign said, because they suggest humans are "more important" than other animals. . . Robert Sullivan, associate director of public programs. . . ((criticizes)) "the icon of the museum," a huge elephant shot as a trophy in Africa in 1955, stuffed, and installed as the central dominating element of the building's rotunda. . . "The way the elephant appears now conveys a relationship to nature that ought to be challenged," Sullivan said. "The notion that white capitalists can capture. . . and possess this animal and bring it back as a trophy ought to be changed to a picture of the elephant's true relationship to life in. . . Africa." -- From a news report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.