(FORTUNE Magazine) – When FORTUNE asked the question two issues ago, we unfortunately gave the wrong answers, due to incorrect data supplied by Moran Stahl & Boyer, a consulting firm specializing in business-location selection. The correct list of cities with the greatest percentage of college graduates appears below.

Leader of the list is Boulder, Colo. Like No. 3, Iowa City, and many of the other smart cities, Boulder is near a major state university--the University of Colorado. People come for college and stay because of the low cost of living and the abundance of jobs.

Other winners: Washington, D.C., and San Francisco have lots of white-collar jobs, as do Connecticut's Stamford and Danbury. "Companies dependent on formally educated employees might do best in these locations," says MS&B consultant Will Hearn. --Anne Faircloth


% of population with City four-year college degree

1. Boulder, Colo. 25.7% 2. Stamford, Conn. 25.5% 3. Iowa City 24.0% 4. San Francisco 22.1% 4. Danbury, Conn. 21.9% 6. Lawrence, Kan. 21.7% 7. Washington, D.C. 21.2% 8. Madison, Wis. 20.7% 9. Columbia, Mo. 20.3% 10. Santa Fe 19.9% 11. Bryan, Texas 18.6% 12. Charlottesville, Va. 18.4% 13. Gainesville, Fla. 17.6% 14. Champaign, Ill. 16.3% 15. Bloomington, Ind. 15.7%