Dallas: Where The Plots Are Thick
By Kim Clark

(FORTUNE Magazine) – If you have a spare hour between meetings at AMR and Texas Instruments, why not spend it learning about the "Professional War Machine"--the shadowy group that did in JFK, Martin Luther King Jr.--even poor Mary Jo Kopechne. Never heard of it? Clearly, unnamed persons don't want you to find out about Dallas' Conspiracy Museum, across the street from the Kennedy Memorial.

Here you can revisit some of America's great political murder mysteries--with a definite point of view. One wall suggests that a man carrying an umbrella on the sunny day JFK was assassinated might be a CIA poisoned-umbrella killer. On another is the tide chart for Chappaquiddick, which purportedly shows that it would have been impossible for Ted Kennedy to swim away from the sinking car in which Kopechne drowned. And if you evince even the mildest interest, the attendants will gladly tell you who is really buried in John Wilkes Booth's tomb.

If you need any more documentation on the cabal of spies, military contractors, and Mafiosi who are out to get us, the gift shop offers copies of Paranoia magazine. Or buy a souvenir T-shirt. But remember, the clerk warns, to destroy the credit-card receipt. Swallowing is optional.

--Kim Clark

Conspiracy Museum, 110 South Market St., Dallas; 214-741-3040. Admission: $7. Open every day, 10 A.M. To 6 P.M.