George Bell

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Bell isn't your typical Silicon Valley CEO. Before taking over the top job at Excite@Home earlier this year, he worked as a magazine executive as well as a producer of nature documentaries, filming in remote locations like Mount Everest, New Guinea, and Central Africa's Ituri rain forest. The 43-year-old Bell, who has won four Emmys as a producer, is still on the move. He usually spends at least three days a week on the road. He had better keep moving fast--he has promised to sign up 1.5 million new subscribers by the end of the year. Where I buy cases of wine to send home.

QuokkaSports Quokka's sports coverage is impressive, addictive, terrific in broadband--and I get to see what my old mountain-climbing friends are up to.

Suck I don't visit it as often as I used to, but it always reminds me that we in the Internet economy take ourselves far too seriously.

Nova Online I spent ten years making documentaries, and I miss a lot of the cinematographers and adventurers I used to work with. This site allows me to keep up with them--virtually, of course.