Radio Free America?
By Julie Schlosser

(FORTUNE Magazine) – While TV networks broadcast round-the-clock coverage of the terrorist attacks, some radio stations reportedly took a different approach: pruning their play lists. Shortly after Sept. 11, radio stations owned by Clear Channel Communications received a list of about 150 songs deemed lyrically inappropriate. Some of the guidelines make sense--ditching songs about plane crashes or fire--but others are less obvious. What's so offensive, for instance, about Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World"?

Clear Channel says the list didn't come from its San Antonio headquarters but from an individual programmer. Furthermore, a representative says the memo was a "suggested list," not an outright ban. Of course, there are still plenty of good reasons to ban Neil Diamond....

--Julie Schlosser


Imagine John Lennon Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Beatles Peace Train Cat Stevens America Neil Diamond Daniel Elton John Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon and Garfunkel Travelin' Band Creedence Clearwater Revival Walk Like an Egyptian Bangles Johnny Angel Shelley Fabares Blowin' in the Wind Peter, Paul & Mary Rescue Me Fontella Bass What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong