Should I Tell Potential Employers About My Weblog?

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Dear Annie: I'm unemployed, and to keep my skills sharp and my thoughts fresh, I've been writing some of my ideas about management in a weblog. Should I mention my blog on my resume? If so, in what category? I'm hoping it will set me apart from other job applicants, but it's not exactly "employment." --Unsure

Dear Unsure: "You can list the link on your resume, but it's unlikely that anyone will go and look at it," says Michael Worthington, a partner in (, an online resume-consulting service. "Recruiters and hiring managers get so many resumes every day, they spend only a brief moment on each one," he explains. "So your resume should focus on your relevant experience and leave off extraneous details. Never forget that the purpose of a resume is to get you in the door for an interview. At that point, you can certainly bring printed samples of your blog pages if you think they'd be pertinent to the job you're seeking, in much the same way that programmers these days often bring samples of code." And if your management theories could be considered controversial, it's probably wiser not to push them just now.

A couple of other tips: Sometimes prospective employers do Internet searches to see if your name turns up, says Worthington, so "if you have a home page anywhere on the web, make sure it is very professional-looking, at least for the duration of your job hunt. Get rid of personal information, like pictures of your family vacation. Also, your e-mail address should not be anything cute, like" Noted.