Bedded bliss
By Julia Boorstin

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Attention, travelers: Now you can feel as if you're on the road even when you're at home! Okay, so it may not sound like the greatest sales pitch, but travelers who stay at Westin hotels apparently love the chain's Heavenly Beds--extra cushy mattresses loaded with pillows and top-quality sheets--enough to crave the hotel experience at home. Westin has been offering the beds through its website, but given the demand, the chain just launched its first retail line at 50 Nordstrom stores.

Prices range from $30 pillowcases to $3,115 for a fully loaded bed. In the first week Nordstrom sold three times as many beds as it had expected to sell in a month. (The store believes in this product: Paul Begich, Nordstrom's home-merchandise manager, bought his own bed through Westin five years ago.)

Westin estimates that the partnership will bring in $10 million in 2005 revenues, and it's also hoping that well-heeled shoppers will see luxe in-store displays and reserve a Westin room on their next trip. If the beds are a hit, could a line of home minibars be next? -- Julia Boorstin