The new heavy metal
By Julia Boorstin

(FORTUNE Magazine) – The hottest luxury material this fall is stronger than gold, lighter than platinum, and cooler than silver. It's titanium, and everyone from golf-club designers to jewelers are finding new uses for the substance. This spring Titleist launched a Pro Titanium 905 driver series, and in November, Nike Golf is launching a driver made of a patented Titanium called NexTi. Last year Montblanc introduced two trial titanium watches; they were so successful that this November the company is launching a full collection priced from $2,575 to $2,800. "Titanium is so durable that it's ideal for a sports watch," says CEO of Montblanc North America Jan-Patrick Schmitz. Finally, American Express has rolled out a titanium "black" card in Europe and is testing it with about 100 customers in the U.S. It's available by invitation only to those who charge more than $250,000 a year. Hey, we said titanium was light, not cheap! -- Julia Boorstin