Where the money came from--and where it went--during 2004.
By Oliver Ryan


TELEVISION and MEDIA* $543 million NASCAR's six-year $2.4 billion deal with Fox, NBC, and TNT expires in 2006. The next one will be bigger.

TICKETS $429 million Seventeen of the 20 biggest spectator events in sports are NASCAR races. Average attendance: 125,000 Average ticket price: $88

MERCHANDISE $322 million Licensing fees roll in from $2.1 billion in retail sales of T-shirts, caps, die-cast cars, and other souvenirs.

FOOD and BEVERAGES** $184 million At the Daytona 500, fans consume 7,000 gallons of soda and five miles of hot dogs. As for beer? Don't ask!

SPONSORSHIP $1.5 billion Companies sponsor teams, races, and NASCAR itself. Costs--and perks--vary.

Primary team sponsor Gets marquee branding on driver and car. Pay more, get more space. Cost: $8 million to $20 million

NASCAR sponsor Teams devote the front quarter-panels to special prize sponsors. Overall, NASCAR sponsors pay an average of $2 million apiece.

Associate team sponsor Smaller logos on driver and in a few designated car locations. Cost: $500,000 to $5 million

THE TRACKS Track owners--three of them public companies--spend heavily to maintain and upgrade facilities. Cup races are also spread out across the country more than ever before.

•$1.07 billion Breakdown

•Merchandise, tickets, food: $662 million

•Sponsorship: $94 million

•TV and media: $318 million

NASCAR The privately held company gets the smallest cut of revenues but has lower costs. It has made billions for the France family.

•$379 million  Breakdown

•Merchandise: $56 million

•Sponsorship: $189 million

•TV and media: $54 million

•Sanction fees: $80 million

THE TEAMS Car owners grab the lion's share of sponsorship dollars. But running a team is expensive.

•$1.56 billion Breakdown

•Merchandise: $140 million

•Sponsorship: $1.17 billion

•Prize money: $243 million

*Includes Internet and satellite-radio deals.

**Includes other track-based revenue, such as luxury-suite rental income, catering, and syndicated programming.