From stink bombs to veiled insults, it sure can get ugly catering to the beautiful people.

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Spa Shakeup

Richard Rainwater thought he had a lock on the mogul-spa title with his luxe Canyon Ranch in Arizona. But last year Steve Case came to town, buying a 70% stake in rival Miraval, 27 miles away. One big difference: Case serves booze; Rainwater's camp is dry.

Brow Beatings

L.A. eyebrow-plucking gurus Valerie Sarnelle and Anastasia Soare have gone from allegations of stolen employees and even a stink-bomb attack to a strategic war. Anastasia is pushing brow products at Sephora and Nordstrom; Valerie says that mass is crass.

Plastic-Surgery Sniping

Ever since Extreme Makeover deemed only doctors who belong to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons fit for prime time, other cosmetic- and plastic-surgery organizations have been crying foul. "They've turned surgery into a gameshow," cried a rep for a rival.

Foie Gras Fights

The verbal volley between Chicago chefs Rick Tramonto (pro) and Charlie Trotter (con) over whether to serve foie gras raged last spring; now the Illinois legislature is considering a proposal to ban the production and sale of the delicacy in the state.