All hail the airport Prius
By Barney Gimbel

(FORTUNE Magazine) – There's something unsettling about walking outside your office building and finding a man dressed in a suit inviting you into the back of a Toyota Prius. First of all, it's small. Really small. ("Don't sit behind me," my driver recommended.) Second, there were none of those "He must be important because he's in a Town Car" looks. But OZOcar (, the nation's first all-hybrid car service, is hoping executives will forgo all that for an "eco-glam" trip. Legroom aside, on a recent outing from Manhattan to J.F.K. ($60), it was fun playing with the Sirius Satellite Radio as well as the iBook with wireless high-speed Internet. And knowing that we were using 70% less fuel than a regular Town Car made this passenger feel pretty damn virtuous. For now, OZOcar is available only in and around New York City, but the company plans to target other major metro areas and also add some roomier hybrids to its fleet. Good call. As my chauffeur noted, "One guy I drove had to put his suitcase on his lap."