With the shock-jock superstar defecting to Mel Karmazin's Sirius, Infinity Broadcasting is replacing him with four different acts. Who will emerge as the new king of all (terrestrial) media?

(FORTUNE Magazine) – DAVID LEE ROTH • 51 • Location New York

Why he's the next Howard The ex-Van Halen frontman shares Stern's love of strip clubs and broad appeal. "We're the only guys that bridge the gap between liberal, left-wing New York and every stock-car-racing fan," Roth told Stern in October. Why he's not He won't have a sidekick and won't do comedy bits. Just a gigolo, for four hours?

ADAM CAROLLA • 41 • Location Los Angeles

Why he's the next Howard Carolla's erstwhile TV hit, The Man Show, featured busty women on trampolines. And, thanks to years on Loveline, he knows from weird sex. Why he's not An un-Sternian philosophical bent. On radio fans: "You erase all the visual candy, and the stuff penetrates deeper. It's just a deeper relationship."

THE JUNKIES • All four are 35 • Location Washington, D.C.

Why they're the next Howards Childhood buddies J.P., John, Eric, and Jason play videogames and talk sports, booze, and babes. "We're low on talent but high on chemistry," says Eric. John counters, "He's low-balling us: We're scary talented." Why they're not Now in their mid-thirties, can they still rope in the frat crowd?

ROVER • 30 • Location Chicago

Why he's the next Howard In his on-air persona, Shane French provides a familiar mix of on-air stunts, sex chats, and news debates. A daredevil sidekick named Dieter obligingly performs masochistic gags (like licking a bug zapper). Why he's not The formulaic material requires a serious jolt to stand out from typical drive-time schtick.