By Julia Boorstin

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Diamond shoppers already know the four C's. Now there's good reason to consider a fifth: Canada. Starting in February, Canadian tour operator Horizon & Co. is offering a way for jewelry lovers to avoid African "conflict diamonds" by buying their baubles at the source up north. The five-night Winter Ice trip begins in the remote Northwest Territories in Yellowknife. You're met at the airport with arctic gear, then flown to the cozy Blachford Lake Lodge. The next day you take off via dogsled to a luxury campsite (fine wine, heated tents) to catch the northern lights. The final stage, of course, is all about the rocks. Back in Yellowknife, guests get a diamond tutorial, practice cutting stones, and tour a diamond factory. You can meet the person who cut your preordered rock, choose a diamond in the rough, or shop from thousands of precut stones. The cost? $2,985--diamonds not included.