Join a powerful club
by David Rynecki

(FORTUNE Magazine) - In 2004, TaylorMade introduced a driver called the r7 Quad that took the golf world by storm. The club featured four movable weights that players could shift around to reduce slicing or hooking, depending on their demon. Now hackers have an even better option: an improved r7 that's far more forgiving than the original. What's new? The head has been expanded to reduce twisting at impact (which can send a ball wide of its target). Plus the walls of the club's head are thinner, enabling engineers to make the movable weights a bit heavier, thus dampening excess backspin. At a list price of $500 for the regular model and $1,000 for a tour-quality club, the r7 is the most expensive driver on the market. Will it cure your slice or hook completely? No such luck. Still, for golfers suffering from a chronic ailment, it's the best treatment around. Top of page