Full Disclosure
By Eugenia Levenson

(FORTUNE Magazine) - CEO pay isn't that hard to find in corporate filings. In 2004 median salary and bonus for chiefs of S&P 500 firms was $2.4 million, says the Corporate Library. But it can be tough to track down perks and stock options (2004 median: $3.6 million). Now the SEC wants companies to list clearly the values of pensions, stock options, and other goodies. Honeywell already gives more of that info than most firms. So for a glimpse at the future of exec-comp disclosure, check out the details of Honeywell CEO David Cote's 2004 haul.

Cote's Comp Salary $1,500,000 Bonus 2,400,000 Long-Term Incentive Plan Payout 4,476,548 Other Annual Compensation 292,657 Personal use of company aircraft 101,500 Personal financial- planning services 26,385 Excess liability insurance 1,150 Personal use of company car 55,390 Security 36,597 Tax reimbursement payments 71,635

All Other Compensation 501,861 Above-market interest on deferred salary, incentive comp, etc. 390,014 Executive life insurance 1,332 Matching contributions to retirement account 60,000 Relocation expenses 50,515

Option Grants in Last Fiscal Year 6,264,000 TOTAL* $15,435,066 *Does not include contributions to Cote's pension, which will be $2,175,000 annually at retirement. Top of page