Hit the Beach -- Via Canada
By Jon Birger

(FORTUNE Magazine) - Prescription drugs aren't the only bargains worth crossing the border for: Canadian travel deals are better too. For a family of five, Canada's clubmed.ca recently quoted a FORTUNE staffer $4,714 (USD) for seven nights at Florida's Club Med Sandpiper, while clubmed.com quoted $6,277. A Club Med spokeswoman says they don't allow U.S. travelers to make reservations on clubmed.ca. But you can go through a Canadian agency like Margaritatravel.ca, and similar discounts can be found for cruises and chains like Sandals. Why the disparity? The exchange rate is a factor, but there's also more competition up north from bulk tour operators, driving all prices down, says Jonathan Carroll, president of itravel2000, Canada's top online travel company. With 15% of itravel's business now coming from the U.S., prescription drugs are no longer the only northern draw. Top of page