Diners Are a Girl's Best Friend
by Kate Bonamici

(FORTUNE Magazine) - Think you travel too much? Patti Wong spends nearly half the year on the road. As chairman of Sotheby's for China and Southeast Asia she already had a busy schedule. But recently she added another job: chair of the new Sotheby's Diamonds business. The venture offers ultra-high-end baubles to Sotheby's regulars (a 100-carat pendant will run you $16 million). Straight off her second London--New York trip in a week, Wong shared a few of her travel secrets.

Days On The Road: More than 150 this year--and that's just for work.

Favorite Way To Fly: British Airways for long hauls and Cathay Pacific in Asia. I like seat 2A on BA.

Best Client Dinner Spots: Nobu and Cipriani in London. In Hong Kong, the Shanghai Club or the new Lei Garden in the International Finance Centre.

Where To Stay: I have homes in London and Hong Kong. In New York, I stay at the Carlyle, and in Geneva, the Beau Rivage--it's where a lot of the jewelry auctions are.

Cheap Thrill: I like diner food, so Eat, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is one of my favorites. In London there's a new diner in Mayfair called Automat. I'll take my daughter there--she has the mac and cheese, I'll have the chicken noodle soup.

Favorite Cocktail: I've taken up drinking gin. My favorite is a Martin Miller's gin martini straight up with a twist.

Best Shopping: Bond Street in London. In Hong Kong, Pacific Place, and also the jadeite outlets on Canton Road. But the owners keep the best stuff at the back, so you must ask to see the special pieces. Top of page