Park This Ferrari Inside
by Kate Bonamici

(FORTUNE Magazine) - It's the ultimate bachelor pad accessory: Ferrari has teamed up with design studio David Weiner Ventures to produce a limited edition "audio instrument" called the Art.Engine. The device, which measures 47 inches tall, is designed to replace a surround-sound system with one art-installation-cum-stereo. It receives music from iTunes or streaming radio wirelessly from a computer, though an MP3 or CD player can be plugged in directly. But why trade in your state-of-the-art speaker setup for one speaker tower, however slick the tower may be? Bragging rights, for one. Only 1,000 of the units are being produced, at $20,000 each. But the technology is pretty cool too. Eighteen drivers in the tower produce crisp stereo sound regardless of the listener's position in the room. Plus it comes in guy-friendly Ferrari paint colors. The best part? Just press the red "Engine Start" button to turn it on. $20,000, 435-649-3458 Top of page