How a Top Ad Guy Spends His Airtime
By Eugenia Levenson

(FORTUNE Magazine) – ADMAN REED COLLINS was born in Australia, started his career in Sydney, then took off for agencies in Johannesburg, London, and New York. Now a creative director at Chicago's Leo Burnett, Collins works for clients such as Kellogg and Samsung. He still loves landing in a new place, whether for a pitch in Bogotá or a weekend in Warsaw. We caught up with Collins as he was packing for a trip to London via New York.

DAYS ON THE ROAD About 150 a year.

PLANE ESSENTIALS Grand Theft Auto and Tiger Woods PGA Tour on my PSP, and my iPod. I put it on shuffle--unless I'm going to sleep, because Megadeth might come up after Yo-Yo Ma and wake me up.

BEST BOUTIQUE HOTEL There's a great place called No. 5 Maddox Street in central London. It's very small--only 12 suites, some with balconies or a roof garden. Don't let the secret out, though.

CLIENT WINE-AND-DINE NoMI in Chicago, overlooking the Water Tower. It's beautiful, and there's a martini-cigar lounge. In New York, Peter Luger's and Pastis.

CHEAP THRILL I love Tea & Sympathy in New York. It's English fare--scones and tea, bangers and mash. All the good stuff I grew up on.

BEST BAR In London there's a great pub called the White Horse. You can go there for your Sunday roast or just a few pints.

SIGNATURE DRINK Caffrey's Irish Ale. Or Jack Daniel's and Coke. It's very Australian of me.

CAN'T MISS Any Roberto Cavalli store. He's my favorite designer. In St. Tropez I bought a pair of his snakeskin pants. It was an impulse buy, but I did wear them for a while.