Unexploded-Ordnance Remover
Champion Madaba, 45, leader, MineTech International UXO (unexploded ordnance) clearance team, Amarah, Iraq
By Interview by Jenny Mero

(FORTUNE Magazine) – I am from Harare, Zimbabwe. I saw an article in the newspaper about MineTech getting a contract to work in Mozambique. I applied and passed the selection course, and was trained in Harare. That was ten years ago.

MineTech is a landmine- and other UXO-clearance company that cleans up hazardous areas all over the world. I have worked in Mozambique, Kosovo, Macedonia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Laos. In Amarah, Iraq, my team and I cleared an area of UXO and checked for landmines.

I like my job because each day brings a different situation and is never boring. My office is the wide sky, and I use the sun for light, not artificial light.

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