Fast wireless, without worry

(FORTUNE Magazine) - The next generation of wireless networking devices is now arriving in stores, promising faster data transfers and longer-range service, but those new routers and adapters are based on a proposed standard, 802.11n, that will not be formally ratified until next year.

Businesses and cautious individuals will probably want to wait for 802.11n to be officially adopted by the industry before making big purchases. But if you're in need of a new router now, Netgear's RangeMax 240 WPNT834 ($199) offers speed and range nearly comparable to 802.11n, and is currently my favorite wireless router for setting up a cable-free home network.

Paired with a RangeMax 240 WPNT511 laptop adapter card ($129), it's faster than any other wireless system I've tried--over 100 megabits per second and in some cases even better than a wired Ethernet network--and it delivers coverage to corners of the house where earlier Wi-Fi 802.11b and 11g routers pooped out. Top of page