The world at risk

(FORTUNE Magazine) - APRIL 28, 2006 A look at hot spots, economic fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk.

1. Colombia

President Uribe is expected to win reelection May 28 without a runoff, guaranteeing continuation of his pro-growth policies.

2. Venezuela

Foreign oil companies will have little choice but to accept Chavez's tightening of terms, including raising taxes and royalties.

3. Egypt

An April attack on a Sinai resort, the third in 18 months, will hurt tourism and further weaken a government beset by sectarian clashes.

4. Turkey

Progress in securing parliamentary approval for social security reforms has improved Turkey's risk profile in international markets.

5. Saudi Arabia

An agreement to help China start a petroleum reserve could tilt Riyadh away from Washington and strengthen ties with Beijing.

6. Russia

Gazprom's choice of partners for development of a gas project in the Barents Sea represents major new foreign investment.

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