FCC: 1, F-Word: 0
By Jia Lynn Yang

(FORTUNE Magazine) – FCC chairman Kevin Martin is about to roll into a new five-year term. (His old one expires June 30.) What can we expect? He'll continue supporting deregulation, especially as the FCC now considers the $67 billion union of AT&T and BellSouth. Another top priority is encouraging companies to invest in broadband networks. And it's pretty clear that he, like his predecessor Michael Powell, is going to continue wiping the airwaves clean of profanities and wardrobe malfunctions. Martin recently handed out fines totaling nearly $4 million and upheld the Janet Jackson ruling. Even Martin Scorsese hasn't been immune. The FCC fined a station $15,000 for showing the director's 2003 PBS blues documentary, in which the F-word made a cameo appearance.

Kate Bonamici and Barney Gimbel contributed to this article.