by Cait Murphy, FORTUNE Magazine

(FORTUNE Magazine) - "The Cubs dynasty": Improbable? There was such a thing once. From 1906 to 1910, the Cubs won four pennants and two World Series. The heart of the team was its infield, the domain of shortstop Joe Tinker and second baseman Johnny Evers. The pair were known for their uncanny teamwork, working together around the bag in a seamless ballet. One writer referred to them as the "Siamese twins of baseball" for their ability to move in tandem. Off the field, though, they went their separate ways, glowering in mutual dislike.

No matter: Player-manager Frank Chance was able to inspire loyalty to the team and keep his men - a spitting, brawling, irascible crew - focused on winning. "Tinker and myself hated each other, but we loved the Cubs," said Evers in 1936. "That was one of the answers to the Cubs' success." The three men entered the Hall of Fame as a unit, in 1946. Top of page