The world at risk
Analysis by Eurasia Group

(FORTUNE Magazine) - MAY 26, 2006 A look at hot spots, economic fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk.

1. Ecuador

The state oil company will struggle to retain Occidental's contractors after taking over its fields, pointing to a fall in production.

2. Nigeria

Shell will resume pumping at its EA fields in the next few weeks, even as threats in the eastern Niger delta continue to mount.

3. Ukraine

Whatever the composition of the new government, a difficult gas-price renegotiation with Russia will top its agenda.

4. Syria

A UN report will very likely implicate Syria in former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri's assassination, leading to international pressure.

5. Kuwait

The dissolution of the National Assembly signals the beginning of a period of political instability, which will delay reforms.

6. China

G-8 finance ministers are expected to renew calls to speed up appreciation of the yuan to reduce global macroeconomic imbalances. Top of page