Busy brains stay young
by Peter Lewis, FORTUNE Magazine

(FORTUNE Magazine) - A large retirement account is of little value if you can't remember where you stashed your money. And somewhere--the exact publication escapes me--I read that doing brain exercises regularly can help ward off senility, perhaps even Alzheimer's disease. Nintendo's Big Brain Academy ($20, for the Nintendo (Charts) DS handheld game console) is the newest in a line of brain-teasing challenges for people who might be all thumbs when it comes to videogames.

It follows Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (also for the DS, $20), which was, as they say, big in Japan. Big Brain Academy purports to improve thinking skills with a rapid-fire flurry of exercises in logic, math, and memory. It's faster paced than Brain Age and supports multiplayer action for all age groups. An added bonus: This may be the one videogame you'll be able to beat your kids at. Top of page