How a Canyon Ranch hand roams
By Ellen Florian Kratz, FORTUNE Magazine

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- Most people go to a spa to get away from work.

But for Kevin Kelly, president of Canyon Ranch, spas are his work.

As the guy in charge of extending the Canyon Ranch brand, he's constantly on the move.

Right now he's overseeing the three spa clubs; developing luxury wellness residences in Bethesda, Md., Chicago, and Miami Beach; expanding Canyon Ranch's skin-care business; and collaborating with the Cleveland Clinic on an executive health program.

"We're in a growth pattern that's going to have me traveling for the next couple of years," he says. "I'm trying to develop some healthier travel patterns, but it's hard because the culture doesn't lend itself to that."

We caught up with Kelly at his office in Tucson as he was preparing to head off to New York City.


FAVORITE WAY TO FLY: American Airlines. "Having access to enough elbowroom to work on your computer is important to me."

PLANE READ: Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and Kenneth Pelletier's The Best Alternative Medicine. "I try to travel with paperbacks. My wife had a hardcover of The Da Vinci Code, but for traveling I went out and bought the paperback."

BAG-PACKING TRICKS: Nike Free running shoes. "They're soft and flexible. You can roll them into a ball."

WON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: Canyon Ranch Nightly Skin Therapy. "It has antioxidants. In big cities like New York and Chicago, you're exposed to a lot of grime."

FAVORITE HOTEL: The Mandarin Oriental in New York. "It has a good workout facility and a spa. When I travel, I test out different spa treatments in each city. I just had a deep-muscle-tissue massage there."

HEALTHIEST LUNCH: "When I'm in Washington, D.C., I like Asia Nora. It's got fresh fish and sushi. Or if there's a Whole Foods nearby, I'll grab a quick lunch at its food counter. I just had a very good business lunch at Whole Foods in Seattle."

NIGHTCAP: "I don't wind down by going out. I find a half-hour at the end of the day to breathe, stretch, and think."

FUTURE SPA: "Maybe Costa Rica. I'd love to see something where we could bring in more of the tropical environment. I'd also be very excited about a family wellness resort in the Carolinas." Top of page