Leading indicators
A compendium of revealing stats
By Telis Demos, Fortune Magazine

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- Second thoughts

$9.5 billion

Total value of new stock offers withdrawn or delayed globally in June, an all-time record. That includes 31 IPOs scuttled, the highest number since March 2001, the last time the markets were this volatile.

Donut pass go


Number of Dunkin' Donuts stores west of the Mississippi. The Boston-based chain now has 4,900 U.S. stores, mostly in the Northeast. Yet it aims to open 700 per year between now and 2015, reaching 15,000 stores nationally--more than Starbucks or McDonald's currently has.

Growth spurt


China's GDP growth in the second quarter of 2006, the fastest since 1994. Earlier this year, China became the world's fourth-largest economy. With its record foreign-exchange reserves of $941 billion in June, fears of an overheated economy are, well, running hot.

Judgment pay


Annual salary of a U.S. federal district court judge--that's unchanged since 1993. Meanwhile, a first-year associate at a large law firm typically earns about $125,000. Since the 1960s, federal judge pay has declined 24% in real dollars, while the average worker's real pay increased 15%.

Boardroom exodus


Number of CEO changes at U.S. companies so far in 2006, an average of six each business day and on pace to break last year's record 1,322. All but 13 were resignations. Health care has had the most exits: 124.

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