My idea of fun
By Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune reporter

Michael Lynne Co-CEO, New Line Cinema

(Fortune Magazine) -- The studio boss is a self-taught art enthusiast who collects work from emerging artists. He commissioned a piece by Barbara Kruger to hang in New Line's Manhattan office.

survival skills

"Try to understand what elements make a work survive the test of time. I select art by how it engages me, intellectually or otherwise."

No regrets

"I wish I'd collected some artists more than I actually did. But you can't collect everybody, and you really should not try."

Go global

"In 1998, I was in China and there was an exhibition of young local artists. I bought seven pieces. Now they are being recognized here."


"If you're going to collect emerging art, you're collecting broadly. Don't aim for big names and $40 million impressionist masterpieces."

And another thing...

"When I started, I read John Russell's "The Meanings of Modern Art." I also recommend "De Kooning: An American Master" - it offers insight into a time when abstract expressionist painters were struggling."  Top of page