My idea of fun
By Jeffrey M. O'Brien, Fortune senior editor

Sky Dayton CEO, Helio Dayton

(Fortune Magazine) -- Helio Dayton's first surf outing ended badly. He staggered onto the beach, dazed and bruised. Years later he tried again. Now the wireless whiz kid, seen here on a wave in Indonesia, says he is obsessed.

Go long

"The biggest mistake people make is starting on a short board. Long boards are more buoyant and stable, and faster to paddle."

No multitasking

"When you're surfing, you can't do anything else. You have to be focused. You're jockeying for position. You can't think about work."

Hot spot

"It's a semi-secret point break in Malibu. If any of the local guys saw me say the name, I would lose all credibility."

Perfect day

"I will surf until the moon is up. I love that feeling of wringing every last opportunity out of the day."

And another thing...

"I've had boards made for me, but usually I just buy them off the rack. My favorite board right now is Channel Islands' Black Beauty. It's made in Santa Barbara. It has kind of a retro shape, which I like."  Top of page