Carryon lip balm, lotion, and more
By Barney Gimbals, Fortune writer

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- Most business travelers wouldn't dream of checking their bags. But now, thanks to stringent regulations about what liquids and creams can be carried on, more travelers have resigned themselves to bad breath and messy hair. That just wasn't an option for Odin Mass. A recently retired 25-year Wall Street vet, she heard about the initial TSAI ban and "a light bulb went off in my head." The solution? A line of travel products called Fly Dry that could pass security. "I knew in the old days there wasn't liquid toothpaste or soaps," says Mass. That led her to an old-time soap maker in Texas. "These things have been around forever, but no one had really wanted them," she says. At first, the shampoo and conditioning bars look scary, but a recent test showed they work nicely (men and women's kits are $49 at flurry). And for men, Smart Fix NH Styling Strips turn into gel with a splash of warm water - perfect for hairstyling on the run ($9 at most drugstores).

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