From Russia with money
There's a new breed of women in the land of caviar and oligarchs - rich, entrepreneurial, and in charge. Here are six supernovas.
By Serge Michel, Fortune

(Fortune Magazine) -- There are 24 billionaires in Moscow, and all but one, the wife of the mayor, are men. Fittingly, the word "oligarch" in Russian is masculine.

Yet in the new capitalist Russia some women have made fortunes big enough to warrant a new term, "Nouvelles Russes," for this breed with extravagant spending habits who think nothing of throwing flamboyant soirees in the capital's best restaurants.

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Women in Russia hold fewer than 10% of top management posts and earn on average 37% less than men in the same jobs. Which is why many start their own businesses or choose to work for multinationals.

Although none of the entrepreneurs on the pages that follow made the Most Powerful Women list, they are a driving force in Russia's economy. Says Olga Sviblova, director of Moscow's House of Photography and one of the post-Soviet era's jet setters: "We are more precious than oil."

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