Are you powerful?

Fortune quiz: Are you powerful?

By Stanley Bing, Fortune contributor

(Fortune Magazine) -- Answer these simple questions to find out if you will be in this issue one day:

1. It's Monday morning, 6 a.m. There's nothing important on the docket, and it's raining. As you wake, you &

a. roll over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

b. wake, do your exercises, have a tall OJ, read the Wall Street Journal, then walk briskly to the office, arriving at 8:45 to say hi to the troops with a grin and a Hi-Yo Silver.

c. roll out of bed feeling like killing somebody, shoot off a couple of hostile, gnomic BlackBerry messages, get in about 7:30, and start screaming, "Where is everybody around this joint?"

d. disappear into your day like a fine mist over a field of wildflowers at dawn. You are everywhere and nowhere at once.

2. At your 10 a.m. staff meeting, you &

a. eat two large croissants and slurp three cups of coffee. As your staff reports on activities, you doodle on your notepad. At 10:37, you say, "Okay, guys," and leave the room for a little while. When you return, the meeting room is empty.

b. hand out financial projections for the next five years and discuss to what extent the numbers may be achievable.

c. make the general counsel cry.

d. listen a lot. Say very little. Make everybody feel he would die for you if it was required.

3. The person you admire most in world history is &

a. Jimmy Buffett.

b. Warren Buffett.

c. Vlad the Impaler.

d. Alan Greenspan.

4. At 12:45, you find that your regular table at your lunch place is already occupied. You &

a. accept your seat at a small card table near the employees' washroom.

b. instruct the maitre d' that when he has a seating problem, he should call first and you'll go elsewhere that day.

c. pop a gigantic aneurism out of each eyeball and start yelling, " Do you know who I am?"

d. have never been at the place, and you vaguely pity the people who define themselves by such sad, evanescent criteria.

5. Complete the statement: "The best things in life ...

a. are free!"

b. come to he or she who works hard, lives right, and pays attention to the details."

c. are mine! Mine, I tell you! Hahahahahahaha!!"

d. taste like chicken."

6. You are called into your boss's office and he starts yelling at you. After enduring a few minutes of this, you ...

a. wet yourself.

b. listen politely, and then say, "Gee, Brad, I'm sorry that you' re upset. Let's see what we can do to make things better ASAP."

c. sit there and take it, steam pouring out of your ears. You then go downstairs and kick the vice president of research.

d. wait in the eye of the storm until it subsides, then cordially inquire, "So, Larry. What else?"

7. The last movie you saw was &

a. Borat.

b. Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

c. anything with Arnold except Kindergarten Cop and Twins.

d. Movies?

8. When you're 95, you'd like to be &

a. in Vegas.

b. traveling around the world, consulting on best practices with Fortune 500 companies.

c. with a spouse who was born when you were 74.

d. at one with the universe.

Score one point for every (a), two for every (b), three for every (c), and five for every (d).

A score of 8 - 15 makes you a schlub. A score of 16 - 25 earns our congratulations: You're a good manager with modest power to control your fate, even if you're too tightly wrapped.

A score of 26 - 34 makes you a tough nut who would scare his own mother into choking on her breakfast scone.

With a score of 35 - 40, the forces of the cosmos are on your side. More power to you.  Top of page